Local inclusivity

I was going to hit up the women’s march and activist conference today here in Nashville but the conference sold out… I wish they had allowed for more space so that everyone who wanted to attend could have attended.

Maybe next year they can host the conference in a space big enough for all the women who want to attend to be able to do so. Music City Center could hold more people. I just wish there had been space for everyone.

It’s interesting that I just read an online Tennessean article published last night promoting the conference and march with no mention that it is sold out. And yet the separate link to the conference just takes you to the march with no link to anything related to the conference and no indication that it even exists. Sigh.

I had a friend who was waiting to get paid to purchase her ticket this week. And I’m sure she wasn’t the only one. She was even proactive in attempting to get her ticket over a week ago and sent a message to the organizers about the financial aid option which was available to those who couldn’t afford tickets because she was worried they would sell out before she could get paid and buy the ticket and they never responded…

This is what we are talking about when we say that these kind of opportunities look great on the outside but when you dig down a couple of layers it becomes not so intersectional or inclusive. Either do a conference separate from the march or open these opportunities up to everyone that want to be a part of the whole march experience. Since the conference isn’t an option to all who want to attend, I’m going to sit out the free march this year, which feels like a sloppy seconds culmination to the conference that only a small percentage of the interested can attend…

I know nothing is perfect and maybe next time they can get this right but I’m not at all convinced anyone really wants to get it right because look… we women have had over a hundred years to take into consideration all the women in our communities and our nation… ALL OF THEM… and we are still fucking this up. I’m not at all surprised… but I’m still disappointed.

I’ll be filling my day surrounded by badass women just the same. And we will be discussing how we can make the spaces we occupy more inclusive and intersectional. To however you rise up, be it at the march or in your own revolutionary ways today, may you honor all women in your plans and consider every woman’s story in whatever you are planning, practicing, enjoying, etc. Cheers. #riseup #totherevolution

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