At Revolutions Imaginarium, I am weaving a community who believes in…

Storytelling as Medicine
I’m a storyteller first and foremost and most of my spiritual connectives all draw on storytelling as a medicinal curative elixir. I support people’s revolutionary journey in radical self and soul sovereignty so that we can better know, live, tell, and honor our own stories as tools for personal and ancestral healing in the micro which ripples out into the macro.

Matriarchal Elderhood
When we truly know ourselves and our stories – personal, ancestral, and societally – we begin to transform into the matriarchal elders that our vastly changing society needs and deserves. We are the bridge generations who will hold space for and support our living and future descendants at the end of an era we neither ushered forth nor will be able to rectify.

Embodied Divinity
I offer tools that can be immediately supportive in deepening connection to intuitive and divine knowing. Through the lens of the archetypal labyrinthine journey, I support individuals as well as families to offer a balance of body, mind, and emotions which will root us to the earth and raise us up into the divine, as well as expanding the possibilities for a liberation.

Contemplative Futuring
A concept I coined where we contemplate the secular as sacred and create practices around all aspects of that. Part of this futuring work is unraveling ourselves, our communities, and society, from the conditioning and programming of the overculture steeped in fear and scarcity based indoctrination into patriarchal and white supremacist notions that must be acknowledged and healed, which is requisite elder work called forth by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy through their Seventh Generation Principle that speaks on what we do now should be in the best interests of our collective descendants 7 generations from now. An example of that work is around spiritual bypassing and how we often fall into patterns often unintentionally that we must work on through the spiritual level to truly move the collective toward ascension which in turn heals us and our ancestral DNA.