It was such a pleasure, in 2021, to connect monthly in a virtual space around powerful and important books so we are keeping it going in 2022!

The Root to Rise Monthly Book Study 2022 includes a Weekly Sacred Text Circle.

Our virtual zoom meetings fall on Wednesdays.

On the last Wednesday of each month from 7-8;30pm CST, we discuss a book from the curated Root To Rise Book Study 2022 list below.

On the first 3 Wednesday evenings of each month from 7-8pm CST, we meet to discuss a chapter a week from a secular book we are reading as a sacred text. We are currently reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer as a sacred text and will be doing so through May 2022.

Our goals are:

  • to integrate the teachings offered throughout the selected books in a sacred way into our daily lives and practices.
  • to collectively imagine through the process of Feral Futuring, described here by Anab Jane and Alex Taylor in their article, Experiments in Feral Futuring, from October 2020.

Finally, the words of Adrienne Maree Brown, visionary author of Emergent Strategy, offers the energy of imagining beyond current circumstances, which is exactly what we are tapping into in choosing to read these curated choices in community.

“Harriet Tubman did not wake up one day with a strategy. She woke up from a dream. She saw that her people were free. They were, like, 7 to 8 generations into slavery at that point. There was no guideline for people to be like, yeah, we can be free. She imagined it and then she bent reality. And I think we all have to do that.”

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Root to Rise Book Study 2022

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