One of my favorite places on earth is Rockvale Writer’s Colony in College Grove, TN. As a writer, it’s just a wonderful place in which to retreat, write and reconnect with myself and my stories. I will be co-facilitating Turning In… A Journaling Retreat Nov. 5-7, 2021.

As the year turns from the bright, crisp swirl of autumn into the spare, dark quiet of winter, we feel a pull within us to follow the call of the natural world, to go deeper, to turn inward. This is the perfect time to explore the benefits of journaling. “Turning In . . . A Journaling Retreat” will offer connectives for developing or strengthening a journaling practice alongside the seasonal lessons of honoring the darkness and the cold. We’ll “turn in” to our words and to ourselves, burrowing into that which offers warmth, sanctuary, and rest. From the gratitude journal to the art journal, from the idea journal to the letter journal, to morning pages and midnight dreams, we’ll explore an array of journaling modalities, each prompting you to explore the vitally important wanderings of your heart. This retreat will serve as a reminder that a journaling practice, be it simple or extravagant, is a radical act of creative self-love.

When practiced as a daily ritual, journaling has been proven to reduce stress, enhance a positive mindset, keep the memory sharp, and open up the mind to new ideas while clearing out all the old stuff that might be getting in the way. It’s the perfect tool for writers who are already working on a project or find themselves ready to start something new.

Cost: $415.00 per person (includes 2 nights in a private suite, 5 meals, snacks, 4 workshops, optional personal conference with the facilitators, and plenty of private time for writing)

Date: November 5-7, 2021

Place: Rockvale Writers’ Colony
            6994 Giles Hill Road
            College Grove, TN 37046

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