Sonia Fernández LeBlanc, M.Ed (she/her) is…

A Medicinal Storyteller, Contemplative Futurist, and an Esoteric Interfaith Scholar at the intersection of personal sovereignty and community care.

She serves as a guide, teacher, and fellow traveler for those who feel called to journey with her in becoming the elders that our vastly changing society needs and deserves through her imaginal space, Revolutions Imaginarium.

Within this realm, Sonia can be found…

  • writing and self publishing stories, essays, and books.
  • facilitating workshops and retreats on writing, liberation, personal lore, becoming elder, and ancestral archiving,
  • leading the Root to Rise Contemplative Community where she curates and creates learning opportunities around secular works as sacred text in the lineage of wisdom traditions.
  • offering tarot and human design experiences.
  • serving as spiritual advisor to individuals and organizations wanting to connect more intimately to a balance of political, spiritual, and creative homemaking from the lens of liberation.
  • ideating and creating the Circle of Oaks Wisdom School, where community will come together for intensive study on a cycling curriculum of topics around deepening connection to our embodied divinity which roots us to the earth and raises us up into the divine, as well as expanding the possibilities for liberation for ourselves, our ancestors and descendants.

She is a devoted mama to her two human loves, a trio of fur loves, and a jungle of plant loves; a pretty impressive spouse to the coolest human she knows; and a damn good friend from what she has been told by those who call her so. Finally and maybe most importantly, she throws one hell of a dinner party if you ever have a chance to go!

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Email: totherevolutions@gmail.com
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