Art Interpretations of Smith-Waite Deck
by Sonia Fernandez LeBlanc

My readings are offerings for anyone who wants to tap into the energy of revolutionary self empowerment at your core. In my interpretations, I tap into a combination of my own visionary knowing, connection to ancestral energy, and the internalization and further evolution of understanding thanks to the soul-centered tarot teachings of Lindsay Mack and Wild Soul Healing and the alternative spiritual tarot realm of Beth Maiden and Little Red Tarot. Credit to these teachings whose interpretations I have been studying since 2018 so that I may more deeply drop into my own twists and turns for each card’s energy.

The Spiral Path Tarot Reading

$70 – email interpretation and a 1 hour live discussion
to book a reading, email totherevolutions@gmail.com or reach me at 615-668-2712
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Smith-Waite Centennial Deck

For the Spiral Path Reading, once you book your appointment, including sending your birthdate, and payment is received, I will send an email with the full interpretation by the night before our scheduled meeting so that you can read the interpretation and prepare any further connective discussion during the live discussion. All live discussion are via zoom, which you will receive in the email interpretation.

1. Energetically, where are you right now on your path?

2. What energy do you want to tap into for your life in this moment?

3. A message from your divine influences (your very own Holy Trinity: guides, ancestors, and ethereals)

4. Energy that you are seeing as an obstacle but that is really for you to learn from.

5. Energy from which you can transmute what feels like an obstacle into an opportunity. 

6. The energy you are calling forth to spiral in more deeply in order to heal.

7. The energy that will connect you to your inner most self. Your true self. Your core… To continue the journey you have been called to be on more deeply.

Tarot Archetypal Triad Reading

$52 – 50 minute live discussion
to book a reading, email totherevolutions@gmail.com or reach me at 615-668-2712
Art Interpretations of Smith-Waite Deck
by Sonia Fernandez LeBlanc

The Tarot Archetype Triad is my own creation of self and soul excavation and storytelling based on the lineage of Mary Kay Greer’s Birth and Personality numerological tarot archetypes. I like Biddy Tarot’s free explanation of this lineage found here.

Your Tarot Archetypal Triad is simply a contract your soul created prior to embodiment offering opportunities to tune into your deepest knowing throughout your embodiment here on earth. There is no right or wrong in choosing to accept the opportunities. That is why you embodied: to practice free will and all the complexities that come with that. Only you will know if this feels energetically right for you or not and whether you want to connect to this knowing or not! If it feels interesting or like something that could be worth investigating then this reading could be a source of reconnection to your self sovereignty. 

This 50 minute reading will connect you with your own 3 Major Arcana Archetypes as well as your Archetype of the Year. I will also offer ideas on how to use this knowledge and work with this energy.

Your Soul Archetype is the energy you embody into which you are aligning during this lifetime on Earth and which is always true for you. You can connect to this energy in your own personal self and soul retrieval work using it to tell your story. 

Your Teacher Archetype offers learning opportunities throughout your life to drop into the energy connected to your soul’s archetype.

Your Shadow Activator Archetype presents experiences where the Teacher Archetype can offer their services to support you deepening into the Soul Archetype you were meant to embody.

Three Card Readings

$25 – email only
to book a reading, email totherevolutions@gmail.com or reach me at 615-668-2712

For these readings, I offer seasonal prompts for supportive energetic healing and expansion. Once you book a reading and send payment, I pull for you and will email you the prompts, a picture of the spread, a close up of each card pulled, and my interpretation for each. Below find my 3 card prompts or you can message me to find out what I’m offering. Current prompts to choose from:


Moon Phases


Solar Return (aka a Birthday Reading!)

Ancestral Call In

New Journey

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