Human Design

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation bringing together the four ancient modalities of Astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, which is then fused together with Astronomy and the more contemporary scientific realms of quantum mechanics, genetics and biochemistry. It shows each of us that we have a unique design and a specific purpose to fulfill while on Earth.

I like to present human design as a 7 circuit labyrinthine journey whereas the further you wrap yourself within the circle the more personal and individuated the system will become for each person as they deepen their connections to their own inner knowing. You can never get lost in a labyrinth, you just keep getting deeper in until you are at your most central core and the journey back out is the magic of integration through experimentation.

You can choose how deeply you want to go. Even the first circuit alone will give you a lifetime of practical self understanding with which to experiment. 

In my initial 2 hour chart analysis offering, we touch on all the circuits outlined below but specific to your chart and if you decide you would like to go deeper, we can continue further in later sessions. My initial 2 hour offering is $100, and then it’s $75 for each additional hour per your interest in deepening your study! 

  • The chart shows our specific design: affirming who we really are, how to be ourselves, and how to navigate in a radically changing world. 
  • It provides tools we can use to live an aware and awake life – a simple Strategy we can trust that reliably connects to our personal Authority in order to make moment to moment decisions that are correct for us so that our unique life purpose can unfold naturally. Living in your strategy can help eliminate resistance (anger, frustration, bitterness, disappointment) and fear in order to live in a relaxed, unique, balanced, creative and evolutionary/revolutionary way.
  • It offers an understanding of other people’s design, like family and friends, and how we connect, conflict, and align to enhance our best selves and our relationships. 
  • It can support the children in our lives and help create environments where they are empowered to be their unique selves, learning and developing as individuated human beings, and offering connective supportive parent child relationships that offer mutual respect and reciprocity over a lifetime. 

But first you need a chart… 

I will be using the one at

If you do not want to sign up for a free account, you can get one at

Let’s get to it! Below you will find the overarching elements of the human design chart. If you want to receive a chart analysis, we will dig into yours specifically, but for now here are some details! 

Circuit 1 – Type

Type: embodies the essence of the Human Design System and is the basis for the most practical, empowering and transformative information – our Strategy and Authority. Type concerns the body, our genetics, and our aura and has nothing to do with psychological or personality typing. It is the way we operate energetically and the way we are received by others around us energetically.

Circuit 2 – Profile

Profile is the beginning of establishing a style for life, a role identified as a costume of our purpose. It is a costume we grow into and will be uncomfortable in if we are not living in alignment. Our Profile differentiates us as unique beings. Together with our Incarnation Cross, Profile allows us to live our purpose as our own authentic character on the stage of our life. 

Circuit 3 – Incarnation Cross

Incarnation Cross is the path (or storyline) that we are designed to live out during our life. It’s a broad purpose in life, made a little more specific by our particular Type and Profile, and further refined as we follow the circuitry more deeply into the labyrinth.

Circuit 4 – Centers

The Nine Centers – the flow of energy through our design. Often called our chakras, these centers transform or transmute the life force as it flows through us. Some centers are defined which means they project a reliable and consistent energy through the auric field that is recognizable and unique. The centers that are white are open or undefined .They are vulnerable to outside energy and influence. As students of life, these centers offer a source of learning for our maturing wisdom. We all have a combination of defined and undefined centers. Our work in life is to recognize where we are more prone to conditioning from outside energy and where we are exuding our own consistent energy. Achieving that wisdom is a working understanding that allows us to interact with the world around us, the school of life, without losing our personal center or our differentiated direction. 

Circuit 5 – Circuits, Channels, Gates

Our type is determined by the combination of the planetary alignments at the moment we were born (personality) and approximately 88 days prior to our birth, when our souls entered our bodies before birth (design). That combination is what defines our highly individuated gates. When those gates connect to one another, they form channels in which energy flows from one center to another in the circuitry system that embodies our life force energy . These circuits, channels, and gates offer valuable personal insights into our individual, collective, and tribal connectives in this lifetime. 

Circuit 6Definitions

Definitions- The overall circuitry of our centers and their connections through channels and the flow of the centers into one another gives us definition. This is simply a matter of information about our overall energetic framework. 

Circuit 7 – The 4 Transformations

The 4 Transformations are detailed connectives to how we digest physically, mentally and energetically, how we relate to our physical, mental, and energetic environments, how we view the world around us and ourselves within it, and how we process information most optimally.


That’s the overarching gist of human design! I recommend integrating this self discovery into your daily life through practicing your strategy and authority and using that to guide you to what element of human design you are interested in dropping more deeply into as many of these circuits have their own labyrinthine possibilities to journey through.

  • At some point in our study of Human Design, we feel like we want to understand those around us and how we condition and are conditioned by them as well as how understanding their designs can help us be in more connective and supportive community. I offer support in those realms as well! My favorite element of this is how we can work with human design to support our children. 
  • Human Design can support you daily through working with your gates and channels through their planetary alignments. I also offer connectives around creating one’s own personal rituals around the natural inclinations which are offered in our defined gates and channels. This work gets us deeper into the layers of radical self discovery and story making that is written within our design. That is where the deep magic happens! 

I’m excited to begin venturing on the journey of human design with you soon if you so desire!

You can reach me at or contact me directly at 615-668-2712 to set up an initial chart analysis!

7 Circuit Labyrinthine Chart Analysis –

$100 for initial 2 hour reading

We cover all the major parts of your chart. You will receive an overarching foundational understanding of your type, strategy, authority, profile, centers, gates and channels, definitions, and arrows.

This is a 2 hour reading which includes a document with tons of informtion and resources so that you can continue to connect to your design after our session ends.

Gates, Channels and Planetary Alignments Analysis

$75 an hour

We dig into how your gates, channels and their planetary alignment on a conscious and unconscious level. We also will dive into your natural inclination to the clairs and the offer opportunities to tap into rituals and connectives to lean into your individuated energy.

Connection Chart Analysis

$75 an hour

When you have a deeper understanding of your own self sovereignty, you can better connect with those whom you are in relationship. Connection Charts offer a means for a deeper understanding of the energetic ebb and flow of ourselves and those with whom we are in close community. Spouses, children, parents, partners, etc. Please note that whoever you do a connection chart with, you will need their date of birth, city, state, country, and time of birth for a complete analysis.

Please note: Date of birth, location (city, state, country) and time of birth are necessary for a complete analysis.

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