Human Design

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation bringing together the four ancient modalities of Astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, which is then fused together with Astronomy and the more contemporary scientific realms of quantum mechanics, genetics and biochemistry. It shows each of us that we have a unique design and a specific purpose to fulfill while on Earth.

I love this article for all the overarching details:

  • The chart shows our specific design: affirming who we really are, how to be ourselves, and how to navigate in a radically changing world. 
  • It provides tools we can use to live an aware and awake life – a simple Strategy we can trust that reliably connects to our personal Authority in order to make moment to moment decisions that are correct for us so that our unique life purpose can unfold naturally. Living in your strategy can help eliminate resistance (anger, frustration, bitterness, disappointment) and fear in order to live in a relaxed, unique, balanced, creative and evolutionary/revolutionary way.
  • It offers an understanding of other people’s design, like family and friends, and how we connect, conflict, and align to enhance our best selves and our relationships. 
  • It can support the children in our lives and help create environments where they are empowered to be their unique selves, learning and developing as individuated human beings, and offering connective supportive parent child relationships that offer mutual respect and reciprocity over a lifetime. 

I like to present human design as a 7 circuit labyrinthine journey whereas the further you wrap yourself within the circle the more personal and individuated the system will become for each person as they deepen their connections to their own inner knowing. You can never get lost in a labyrinth, you just keep getting deeper in until you are at your most central core and the journey back out is the magic of integration through experimentation.

And you can choose how deeply you want to go. Even the first circuit alone will give you a lifetime of practical self understanding with which to experiment. 

In my initial 2 hour chart analysis offering, we touch on all the circuits outlined below but specific to your chart and if you decide you would like to go deeper, we can continue further in later sessions. My initial 2 hour offering is $77, and then it’s $50 for each additional hour per your interest in deepening your study! 

But first you need a chart… 

I will be using the one at

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Let’s get to it! Below you will find the overarching elements of the human design chart. If you want to receive a chart analysis, we will dig into yours specifically, but for now here are some details! 

Circuit 1 – Type

Type: embodies the essence of the Human Design System and is the basis for the most practical, empowering and transformative information – our Strategy and Authority. Type concerns the body, our genetics, and our aura and has nothing to do with psychological or personality typing. It is the way we operate energetically and the way we are received by others around us energetically. It could also be seen as an energetic archetypal role we play in the production that is our life. For example, “the butler” might be a role in a play. YOUR role in this life is your Type: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector, which means you are here to either initiate, work, guide, or reflect—depending on your Type.

  • Strategy: Our way of being in the world without meeting resistance. It is an integral part of our energetic type and accesses the unique ways energy is designed to flow through each of us ultimately determining how we efficiently and successfully interact aurically with other types. Once you start living your strategy you will experience its rewards which are called your signature.
  • Authority: Since we have embodied to either initiate, work, guide, or reflect, the human mind is desperate to be our inner authority on how we decide to do that. However, we are not created to listen to the mind alone as it has a constant need to control us. We must quiet the mind and free it from its constant blaring and need to have our attention. Think about a radio station playing loud music. Your mind is that station and we have to learn to turn down the volume. We can do that by knowing and practicing our inner authority every time we make a decision. Then the mind is free to observe life as a relaxed, reflective passenger enjoying its ride and fulfilling its role as an outer authority to others. 
  • Signature: When we use our inner authority to live by our strategy we experience our signature which is peace (Manifestors), satisfaction (Generators), success (Projectors), and surprise (Reflectors) depending on each type. 
  • Not Self Theme: You will know you are not using your authority to live your types’s strategy when you experience your not self theme of anger(Manifestors), frustration (Generators), bitterness (Projectors), and disappointment (Reflectors).

Circuit 2 – Profile

Profile is the beginning of establishing a style for life, a role identified as a costume of our purpose. It is a costume we grow into and will be uncomfortable in if we are living our not self theme and it will fit well if we are living in our strategy and following our authority. Our Profile differentiates us as unique beings. Together with our Incarnation Cross, Profile allows us to live our purpose as our own authentic character on the stage of our life. 

Circuit 3 – Incarnation Cross

Incarnation Cross is the path (or storyline) that you are designed to live out during your life. It’s not an inevitable fate—you can choose to NOT live that path. But most of the time we can’t help but express our Cross, at least partially, because it’s what comes naturally to us. So your Incarnation Cross can be thought of as your broad purpose in life, made a little more specific by your particular Type and Profile, and further refined by the rest of the Gate energies you carry

This is determined by the gates aligned to the Sun and Earth in your body graph.

Circuit 4 – Centers

The Nine Centers – the flow of energy through our design. Often called our chakras, these centers transform or transmute the life force as it flows through us. Some centers are defined which means they project a reliable and consistent energy through the auric field that is recognizable and unique. The centers that are white are open or undefined centers. They are not empty or broken. They are vulnerable to outside energy and influence. As students of life, these centers offer a source of learning for our maturing wisdom. We all have a combination of defined and undefined centers. Our work in life is to recognize where we are more prone to conditioning from outside energy and where we are exuding our own consistent energy. Achieving that wisdom is a working understanding that allows us to interact with the world around us, the school of life, without losing our personal center or our differentiated direction. 

What does this mean? 

If you have defined centers then you have your own consistent knowing and connection to the energy of that center. This is all yours and you can own it but know that your feelings will be amplified by those around you who have open centers. 

All of our open centers amplify the defined centers of those around us (sometimes this is considered empathic) and we have no consistency of management of our own open and undefined centers so we should be aware of that and acknowledge that we can set boundaries and be open to allowing the energies of others to pass through. But we don’t own it and holding it is not in your design. So accept the energy to pass and release and then hold no judgement around it. There is tremendous wisdom in the open center. It offers many perspectives and you can share that to support others. 

  • Head Center – Here we find the pressure to comprehend, think, and make sense of things in the world. This drives our mental activity, stimulating our imagination, our unique mode of thinking (Head) and conceptualizing (Ajna), and initiates our everyday, mundane thoughts and well as our most lofty probing questions into the mysteries of existence. Simply put, this is the daily pressure to ask questions and expect answers. We learn about the nature of inspiration, how to experience the pressure without losing sight of the wonder, and how to recognize what/who is truly inspiring or not. We do not make decisions with the head center, despite its desperate need for us to. This is where our wisdom and outer authority reside and we must practice always deferring to our inner authority to make decisions, which is so hard because the Anja pressures it to be the authority confirmation so the Ajna can make decisions which it has no business doing. 
  • Ajna Center – The Ajna Center, which houses the neocortex, visual cortex, and pituitary glands, serves as the body’s maintenance headquarters sending hormonal messages all throughout the body. For eons, it served as the decision making center of the body and still likes to think that it does make the decisions, however our conscious awareness systems have evolved in the past 250 years and its role has shifted from survival to an awareness center that works alongside other centers to support the processing of inspiration.We have 3 awareness centers and Ajna is our Mental Awareness (splenic serves the body and solar plexus the spirit). It works together with the Head Center to transform the pressure of inspiration in the Head into useful information for review, research, and communication. Mental awareness dominates the way we perceive the world today. If we make decisions with our Ajna center they will create a loop of never ending madness that can go on and on forever with no way out. We will just keep making a decision based off of what didn’t work in the decision before it infinitum. All the mind can actually do is process information in a dualistic tennis game where it will always have the answers to both sides back and forth forever. It can not judge or know best. IT can only determine all the sides. The fear associated with the Ajna is fear of not knowing or being misunderstood. We must always decide with our Authority and Strategy and leave the Ajna for using our mental intelligence to share and empower others with our unique perspective. At the right time and in the right place. We are here to connect, tell our story, to enrich, educate, and store history for future generations, and contemplate and explore life’s possibilities. The gates in the Ajna Center carry forms of mental anxiety that alerts us to the possibility that we are succumbing to external expectations which thwart our awareness, jeopardizing our mental health.
  • Throat Center – It’s primary function is Manifestation through communication, expressing who we are, what we are thinking, feeling, creating, or learning, what we know and want to contribute, and what we have seen or heard and can say to empower others.  All centers lead to the throat. It is like the town square in that all the other 8 energies are moving their energy toward it so that it can communicate what is needed. 
  • G Center – Connected to Liver and Blood. Connected to reincarnation through the Liver, this is our most extraordinary Center. This is the mystical soul’s higher self magnetic connection to a great space than here on earth. We begin in this center by loving ourselves. The G center is directly connected to the Ajna and the G is always looking to reconnect to love. The mind tricks the G center into thinking it needs to look for love outside of itself. But really we are what we have been looking for all along! Following our design offers us the opportunity to discover that if we haven’t already! 
  • Heart Center – Heart Center is connected to the stomach, heart, gallbladder, and the thymus gland. It is a powerful motor center that drives willpower and ego power, both very influential in the world. Humanity is based on the will to survive in community and thrive on earth. Its connection to the throat center allows for it to speak and act for the tribe. It is the tribal connector and holds communal and entrepreneurial ways of life at its core. Our great civilizations could not have been built without the Tribe’s supportive, hierarchical structures held in place by the gates of the heart center, which determine how we interact with one another. They are about making our daily bread, having babies, bonding and living in harmony, creating infrastructures like societies, religions, cultures, and nurturing and supporting what we create. Because all this is mess right now, those who have open heart center may struggle with self worth, and self esteem working extra hard to prove their worth in order to survive.If we are moving through the world with low self esteem then we do not feel as if we are a valuable contributing member of society and without that firm belief and trust in ourselves and our own value, we lose our will to meet the challenges of life. The ego must be affirmed in a healthy way or it shuts down and becomes self loathing which exacts a terrible price from humanity. We try to prove our worthiness in a ton of ways that diminish our physical organs which in turn cause us to get very sick.  
  • Splenic Center – Part of our lymphatic system, the spleen and T-cells are like tiny ears, noses, and tongues all over our bodies, constantly using tiny sensors ensuring we are in balanced and healthy environments. They warn us if not. Immune system hub is in the center. The T-cells protect us from disease. Undefined splenic centers for children can result in all the illnesses and may require more time for full healing. Adults with undefined splenic will be sensitive to how they feel and their overall health. Defined splenic may take their health for granted and will benefit from check up in case the hard working spleen is concealing potential problems. When they do get sick, it can be a long healing process which is needed before returning to a full active schedule. As the body awareness and our oldest awareness center, The splenic center holds primal fear for our survival and well being and is also the source of our light heartedness and laughter, our spontaneity and daring. It keeps us moving safely forward while cleaning up toxins from trauma memories in our systems. It connects us to all life forms and all life forms have this center. It is literally what keeps us from being another life form’s lunch. This is where our instinct resides and it has evolved to be an intelligence focused on survival, adaptation, and thriving in the physical world. It keeps us alert and on guard. It is also the quietest of the awareness centers and can be overridden by an anxious mind (Ajna) or deep emotion (Solar Plexus). The gates in the splenic all center around fears and the intelligences that are created when we face and survive fear-filled challenges and our existence, confidence, and well being.
  • Solar Plexus Center – This center is both a motor and awareness center, connected to lungs, kidneys, pancreas, prostate and the nervous system. The themes connected to Solar Plexus are feelings, emotions, sensitivities, and its function is to allow us to gain a sense of emotional clarity and well-being. Unresolved emotional stressors can physically debilitate these organ systems. It is our pleasure and pain center: of revolution, poetry, romance, compassion, spirituality, and religion. And because half the population ignores their emotions and the other half makes all their major decisions in the ups and downs of their emotions, we live a deeply emotionally distorted world. This center holds the deepest impact for the future of the world in the micro and macro because if we can learn the mechanics and chemistry of this center we can release painful emotional patterns, reestablish physical health, renew pleasure for living and engender a wholesome compassion for ourselves and others. Basically, the more people who begin living in their authority and strategy and freeing ourselves from society’s and eachother’s conditioning we are going to collectively evolve in our solar plexus and free our spirit awareness to a whole new level. 
  • Sacral Center – sex organs. Life force energy. THis center empowers our survival by replicating life and by providing the impulse to care for our young. Sexuality, work, fertility, vitality, movement, and persistence are it’s major themes. The prime motor the sacral has enormous generative and degenerative power. If we don’t know how to properly engage this motor and support its mechanics it will atrophy and degen=arte quickly leaving one frustrated and unhealthy. It has the power to guide and sustain life. It has the ability to communicate its moment to moment availability through its own responsive gutteral sounds which emerges out of a trustworthy inner guidance system the existed long before the capacity to speak evolved. THe Scaral center is designed to respond to life, to what is being asked by making noises to express it decisions. THese come from deep with in. Not the throat. ALmost like the diaphragm is opening and closing. THese sounds tell us what we like and dislike and what we want or not and if we honor them then we experience our tremendous power. Its the ahhh-huh and the nuh-uh. 
  • Root Center – It’s unique because it is a pressure center and a motor center. It is connected with the adrenal system and the production of stress hormones. Stress is merely fuel here which drives energy toward the throat for communication and manifestation but it’s energy is far too strong to be directly connected to the throat. THe root brings pressure and fuel to evolve, to adapt to the world, and to get us through our most difficult challenges. It is our purest and most powerful energy to keep like moving forward. How we direct the stress (neither good nor bad but which is meant to get us moving to manifest in our lives) is determined by our root center configuration (gates coming off the root and their definitions).

Circuit 5 – Circuits, Channels, Gates

Our type is determined by the combination of the planetary alignments at the moment we were born (personality) and approximately 88 days prior to our birth, when our souls entered our bodies before birth (design). That combination is what defines our highly individuated gates and when those gates connect to one another and form channels which flow from one center to another in circuits, we get our type and so much more. Those circuits, channels, and gates offer valuable personal insights into our individual, collective, and tribal connectives in this lifetime. 

Circuit 6Definitions

Definitions- Definitions have to do with the overall circuitry of our centers and their connections through channels and the flow of the centers into one another. They are a matter of information about our overall energetic framework.  Some people have one Channel, some two Channels and some many more. A Reflector Type has no Channels – so would have no Definition. Someone with several Channels in their Chart, compared to someone who has only one Channel is not better off. They simply have a more fixed nature.

Your Chart will tell you whether you have: Single Definition, Split Definition, Triple Split Definition, Quadruple Split Definition, or No Definition

Circuit 7 – The 4 Transformations

I like this overview of the 4 Transformations and am using the contents from this article. based on your specific chart. Keep in mind that this part of the chart has much more depth and detail that is not covered in this overview. For example, there are deeper layers for each of the arrows which are fascinating and for which I am just beginning to learning about myself as well as a separate system of 16 Variables connected to these arrows that look a lot like the MTBI system at first glance. Anyway, that is all for another time! For now, here is the final layer we will bring into our time together. 

  • Determination/Digestion – The top left arrow relates to digestion—digestion of food, and also of any other external stimuli. This arrow particularly tells us whether or not routines are supportive for us in our daily lives.
  • Environment – The bottom left arrow is all about how you relate to your environment. Keep in mind that “environment” can mean physical spaces and the people in them, but it can also refer to the intellectual and digital environments you’re in.
  • Perspective – The bottom right arrow can help us view the world and ourselves in a way that makes most sense. I think about perspective like a pair of glasses. We need the right prescription refracted properly, or else everything will be blurry. 
  • Motivation/Awareness – The top right arrow is your awareness. It’s all about how we think, and the way our minds process information optimally. 

Additional Resources:

If you decide to do this as a self study rather than using me as a conduit to analysis, here are some great resources to get you started. – I recommend their podcast! – the original human design source but be awqare they charge for most of their offerings. – Just a great blog on human design – Great instagram feed on human design


That’s the overarching gist of human design! We can deep-dive into all of these aspects more deeply for ourselves infinitum but at some point we feel like we are getting the hang of our own design and are looking for deeper possibilities. I offer support in those realms as well! 

We can begin connecting those we are in relationship with so that we can have a deeper connection there. My favorite element of this is how we can work with human design to support our children. 

Another element of human design that can support you daily is working with your gates and channels through their planetary alignments. I also offer connectives around creating one’s own personal rituals around the natural inclinations which are offered in our defined gates and channels. This work gets us deeper into the layers of radical self discovery and story making that is written within our design. That is where the deep magic happens! 

I’m excited to begin venturing on the journey of human design with you soon if you so desire! You can reach me at or contact me directly at 615-668-2712 to set up an initial chart analysis!



7 Circuit Labyrinthine Chart Analysis –

$100 for initial 2 hour reading

We cover all the major parts of your chart. You will receive an overarching foundational understanding of your type, strategy, authority, profile, centers, gates and channels, definitions, and arrows.

This is a 2 hour reading which includes a document with tons of informtion and resources so that you can continue to connect to your design after our session ends.

Gates, Channels and Planetary Alignments Analysis

$50 an hour

We dig into how your gates, channels and their planetary alignment on a conscious and unconscious level. We also will dive into your natural inclination to the clairs and the offer opportunities to tap into rituals and connectives to lean into your individuated energy.

Connection Chart Analysis

$50 an hour

When you have a deeper understanding of your own self sovereignty, you can better connect with those whom you are in relationship. Connection Charts offer a means for a deeper understanding of the energetic ebb and flow of ourselves and those with whom we are in close community. Spouses, children, parents, partners, etc. Please note that whoever you do a connection chart with, you will need their date of birth, city, state, country, and time of birth for a complete analysis.

Please note: Date of birth, location (city, state, country) and time of birth are necessary for a complete analysis.

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