Here’s how US policies, many enacted by Bill Clinton in the 90s, for which he has apologized for because he sees the error fully decades later, are why Haiti was the poorest nation in the world before the 2010 earthquake. “Free trade” agreements allowed US industry to come into the the capital of Port-au-Prince and provide “employment” opportunities to “help” bring Haiti out of agricultural independence and into the “industrial revolution” to aid US capitalism. 🙄 So Haitians left their agricultural lifestyle that was providing for their needs and went to the city where “jobs” awaited.

So we in the USA got to buy cheap clothes and wares from Walmart, Kmart, and Target made in Haitian factories and we started exporting food to Haiti to line the pockets of American agriculture and feed all the people of Haiti who no longer fed themselves because they were working to make cheap clothes for Americans aka “progress”… 🙄 So in 2010 a huge proportion of the Haitian population were living in the worst conditions imaginable in the city while their countryside lay in disuse and eroded neglect. Their government had historically fucked them over on many levels as had the US.

And when the earth literally opened up and swallowed them in 2010, we started kind of paying attention… Kind of. These people have more strength and grit and resilience through the worst this world has to offer than anyone in any government position in our nation. And Haiti is just one nation among so many negatively affected so that the USA could prosper. May we someday pay dearly for the sins of our nation. That’s the facts. #riseup #totherevolution

Learn more about US policies under Clinton here.

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