Rise. Fight. Revolution.

In 1980 my baby brother died at 9 days old because of a series of events by Baptist Hospital nursery and then newly opened Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital which in modern times would have been resolved with a malpractice law suit that would have possibly changed laws that helped families like ours. But you know what Nashville lawyers and lawmakers, many of whom were family friends and fellow Vandy grads, told my parents when they came to them with so much evidence to show malpractice on many levels?! They told them to mourn the loss of their son and go live their lives. That was 1980 and Nashville was a small town then. Prayers for the loss of their son should have been enough. They never were though. My father slowly went mad and my mother, an angel on earth, powered through and made ends meet for her family because that is what had to happen. I remember that story every time something happens that can easily be prevented and it just goes to show that not much has changed in the good ole USA. Keep your head down and don’t rock the boat and mourn the loss… Well I’d rather die in revolution for a better world than praying through all the bad with no action. No parent should have to mourn the loss of a child for negligence. That’s society’s job in a democracy to take up the fight for those who have been burdened by community negligence. No, my brother isn’t coming back and neither are the countless people dying or dead from off the chart hurricanes that are a direct consequence of humans disrespecting the earth and mass shootings wiping out vast numbers of innocent lives. But future loss can be prevented if we fight so that families affected can mourn and then help prevent others and possibly our future selves from the same end. So pray all you want. But you better also get off your ass and find a way to fight. #riseup #totherevolution

Published by Sonia LeBlanc

Documenting my loves and our adventures.

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