Caribbean Aid

Want to help out the islands after these monstrous hurricanes have destroyed so much? Here’s what I’ve got for now…

Dominica – government sponsored – private citizens sponsored

Virgin islands – Richard Branson (I know… 🙄But he has the connections) is working in aiding a rebuild plan of sustainability. Read more here:

Puerto Rico<<
ou can see from the article above, Puerto Rico was an important link to the rebuilding efforts of the smaller islands. They began assisting in immediately following Irma's destruction two weeks ago without regard for their own financial issues or the fact that they may be in line of fire for another monster storm…They are out of commission for possibly months thanks to Maria's gut punch. Help them recover here. – Lin-Manuel Miranda has partnered with this org to help relief efforts. – list of ways to help PR

Stay tuned as more efforts are added. And in the long term… Don't discount these places as you plan your vacations and travel plans in the coming years. All these islands will need your support so make plans to visit them and spend your vacation money on their economies. That will be a tremendous value for them and for you. I promise that once you experience the beauty and strength and warmth of your brothers and sisters on these islands you will forever be better for knowing them.

Thanks for your support. Please share this post far and wide. #dominicastrong #puertoricostrong #virginislandsstrong #riseup #totherevolution

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