Foreshadowings to Fruition…

Today, we await word from my husband, Tommy’s, granny and auntie as well as many other friends and family, the morning after Maria, a category 5 Hurricane, literally destroyed the approximate 7×35 mile wide island of Dominica.

And now we brace for Maria’s return to the ruins of Irma, this time with potential to strike St. Croix, where Tommy’s mother lives, which was the one Virgin Island unscathed by Irma’s wrath. And the rest of the Virgin Islands either don’t know what’s coming or know with foreboding awareness that they will have incredible problems handling any new storm because it has barely been two weeks since their obliteration by the largest hurricane in recorded history.

Then we have Puerto Rico, who despite being in the worst financial ruins of its time, has been acting as an elder sibling to its smaller Caribbean islands, staging the post Irma rescue efforts for its brethren. And Maria is headed directly for it.

We have beloved family on every single one of these islands.

And if I’m being honest, all I can think about is how for almost two decades I have been watching the disrespect we heap on this earth and I have been predicting that too much has been ignored and the layers of broken will all begin to present themselves and we will no longer be living this easy life many of us live here on this earth that we disrespect. And our fellow humans are living this destruction environmentally, politically, financially, etc. and it’s only going to get worse and it’s only going to happen faster and faster to more and more of us. And it’s too late to stop it.

And these glorious people who have nothing to do with the disgusting decisions of first world nations are again at the front lines of the destruction we have selfishly wrought in the name of progress and industrial revolution. You’re damn right it’s a revolution. And it won. Industry won. We see it’s toxins destroying our earth’s livability every day. It’s been fighting us since the 1800s and it has caught up and will keep winning. Every year I gets worse and this year is braking records. Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the raging fires out west are just a vivid example of what’s been coming for a long while. Society will not withstand. The flames are all around us and there is no person or policy that will protect us when the earth is done with our nonsense.

Get yourselves and your family prepared for the future that we all are responsible for destroying. Teach your children how to care for what’s left of the earth they still have and prepare them to live in an unsustainable wasteland be side that is where we are headed.

We don’t need your prayers. We need your actions. We need your votes. We need your children to grown up and understand that they are the ones that are going to be living in a very different existence than humanity has known. #riseup #totherevolution

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