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Humanity wins in the Thai cave rescue. When community, government, and private sector come together to reunite these children with their families all I can think about is the wonderful news coverage and spirit surrounding this rescue. How the world rallied for these boys! And I wonder why so many fellow Americans are reading about this rescue and praising God for these boys’ safety and at the same time condemning children on the border to be swept away from their families in a government inflicted flood of separation.

Tommy got me thinking about this last night. He said that he’s glad these boys are being rescued but the news is exploding with this alone and has moved on from the children being held away from their families in border prisons right here at home… The media has moved on to the next headline…

Those “detention centers” aka prisons are just as, and I would wager much much more, isolating as spending 18 days on the ledge of a flooded cave. Except those boys in Thailand had each other, knew each other, and had a coach who they knew and was reassuring and keeping their spirits up, as coaches are want to do. The soccer team was together.

These children in the detention center are in a dark cave of our government’s making and they are on that same ledge with all the other children ripped away from their parents. And the flood waters are rising and a ton of people are outside the cave protesting that they are there. But their parents aren’t in the crowd nor are they being nurtured or reassured that their children will ever get back to them. Instead they are in another cave system. And the government, our US government has sealed the caves off. No rescue coming. And arresting the few who are crowded around the entrances to the cave to fight for those trapped inside. No records that can easily connect the children sealed off in one cave to the parents sealed off in the other cave. And the government and a huge swath of the population chanting that these human lives deserve this fate simply for crossing a border in retreat of a broken homeland, in which previous US government intervention can almost assuredly be traced in part to their nation’s systemic problems to some extent.

And the cave is flooding. And unless the community, government, and private sector come together to save them they will be lost. And that isn’t happening. At this point even if they are saved, the damage is done. The isolation of the cave and their reason for being put there has changed them all


But the Thai boys got out and are being cared for and get to go back to their lives and families who were just waiting for them to come home. The children on the border were fleeing home and then were ripped away from the only home they had, their families. But they are not being rescued. And if they ever are rescued, the damage and trauma of being shut up deep in the detention center cave system far from the love of their families is going to manifest in them and in you, United States of America. Their suffering will come back for you and it won’t be a daring, beautiful, dangerous, deeply considered Thai cave rescue. It will be a blight on your history of blight upon blight. And those precious, beautiful, captured, resilient, tortured child souls of the flooded and sealed border detention caves and their stories and their energy for change to their situation, to where they rest and call home, and desire to be reunited with those they love, that will tear further the already threadbare fabric of this nation, furthering it’s overdue unraveling.

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