The Power of Seven Years

The power of seven years… Do you know about seven year cycles? There is a ton of research out there on how, over seven years, we change completely on every level; physiologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As I swim, Pensieve style, through and spill forth onto the page my own six cycles of seven personal histories and stories (That’s right! I’m in my 42nd year as I write this.😉), I am especially reflective on the one I am completing. I call it “The Rise of Mother” and it has been especially transformative. As I prepare to begin my 7th of 7 later this year, my ”mother into sage” cycle, I am taking the new year to reflect back on the themes upon which I focused my past seven years. I never liked resolutions but rather “Year of”…. Here’s are the past seven culminating in my 2019 theme. I find setting it down in print and speaking it out into the universe sets its course. So thank you to those who take the time to read. I hope it can offer possibilities for your own reflection and intention setting.

Let’s begin…

2011: The Year of Celebrations. Elena chose us to be her parents. And I began to know the signs of our society’s destruction deeply in how it could affect this life I had helped usher into the broken.

2012: The Year of Transitioning or deciding to Rise from the Flames or Go down in them… This blog post captures my beginnings of movement thought and work:

We also moved to Baltimore this year.

2013: The Year of Frugality and Fern completed our family. This was the year the flames engulfed me into the movement work of my life. Here is a little reflection on the broken:

2014: The Year of Consequences, Mourning, Last ditch efforts for living inside the box, and being apart from my love.

2015: The Year of Liberation, Community, and Self Directed Learning

2016: The Year of doing my damnedest to build a school and Elena’s mantra, “It’s pretty scary, let’s do it.”

2017: The Year of Survival… of Rising Up… Of Revolutions… Of All Definitions Applying…

My personal mission statement was, “Guided by my intuition, I will create opportunities for learning and self-expression that connect me to all the beauty that life offers.”

2018: The Year of Deep Connections Only. Here’s what I said on Jan. 2, 2018, “The latter part of this year my soul has been speaking to me deeply and I have been actually paying attention to myself for the first time in my memory. Retreat. Withdrawal. Quiet. Reflection. Deepen connection only. So I am listening. This will be my year to withdraw into only that which feeds my soul. I’m going to be selfish for the first time in my life. Truly take care of me. Feed my creativity. Feed my needs. Only engage in what will sooth my soul. I’m going to say no a lot. I’m going to seek deep human interactions rather than surface. I want to talk about what is moving each of us. I am going deep inside as I’ve ignored for too long and I’m going to heal myself. I’m ready. It’s finally time. And the creative being that will emerge is going to be a reckoning. Watch my rise. Watch my revolution.” 2018 was more than I could have ever imagined when I wrote what I did above. It was every bit of that and more.

2019: The Year of Listening. Taking Time. Manifesting as I’m compelled and guided within.

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