Raise a Glass…

I just learned that Sir Ken Robinson passed away today. He was my gateway drug to self directed learning. In 2007, I watched his first ted talk which is now the most watched you tube video of all time. I went on to devour his books and research and I used it in many waysContinue reading “Raise a Glass…”

The Labyrinth

(a story from my program offering Retrieval: Self… Soul… Story…) A while ago, in the year leading up to my 42nd birthday in fact, I read something about how the body physiologically renews itself every 7 or so years. At the time I was deep into my own radical self awareness journey that I have sharedContinue reading “The Labyrinth”


You can be a country that was under a dictatorship from the 1930s until the late 1970s and then come out of that, and in 2020 when you have seen the devastation of a global pandemic ravaging humanity, you can make decisions in your country about how to protect your citizens and have that putContinue reading “Shift…”


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