by Sonia Fernández LeBlanc Originally published in New Earth Almanac on July 9, 2021. I changed my relationship with Time during the great paradigm shift of 2020. I had a lot of it on my hands suddenly, as so many of us did, and I had the great privilege to have all my needs fullyContinue reading “Sync”

Listening to Lineage

by Sonia Fernández LeBlanc Originally published in New Earth Almanac on November 21. 20 I am a Medicinal Storyteller. For me, that means that our lineage stories can be curative elixirs that offer us personal and ancestral healing within. When we truly know ourselves through unearthing our micro-personal and our macro-societal ancestral lineage stories, weContinue reading “Listening to Lineage”


Last week, I contracted covid most probably while serenading Dominick the Italian Christmas donkey to a whole room full of lovely humans who were celebrating Christmas and raising money for a good cause. Someone there probably had it and didn’t know thereby passing it on. That’s how covid has been creeping in. I chose notContinue reading “Spill”

Gift of Revolution

Originally published in New Earth Almanac December 2021 issue. There is a story that is told about me when I was very young. When I was three years old I went to an ice skating birthday party for a friend who was a year older than me. It was my first time on the ice.Continue reading “Gift of Revolution”


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