Gift of Revolution

Originally published in New Earth Almanac December 2021 issue.

There is a story that is told about me when I was very young. When I was three years old I went to an ice skating birthday party for a friend who was a year older than me. It was my first time on the ice. I was fearless. I was off the wall within a couple of laps around the rink. I was trying tricks in the center of the ice that my friend who had been taking lessons for a while was just getting comfortable with doing after lots of practice. All of this was relayed to my mama by my friend’s mama at the end of party. So my parents signed me up for ice skating and it was the first great love of my life.

I liked learning edges, jumps, lunges, and spirals! But going fast was my favorite. And going fast into spins was the best of all. I skated for 9 years until a tragic accident in my family caused us to move to my father’s birth place, the Dominican Republic, where there was hardly any ice even to make your drink cold much less to skate on.

In my older years, I can no longer do those fancy moves but I love the mediation of circling the rink and finding my flow. And now that I have integrated tarot into my storytelling and writing process, in studying the Wheel of Fortune, I was offered a connection to those spins I used to perform with such relentless dedication.

When you learn to spin, you gain momentum with speed, find a point in which to focus for each revolution, and then you center into your core. The tighter into your core you center the faster you go and the more control your center has. Stretch your hands high above your head and your body’s energy literally roots you deeply in place. After a spin, I would check to see how tightly the circle was that my blades made into the ice. The tighter and deeper the better the spin, the more powerful the energy is channeled.

Anything outside that core can be chaos but you are the axle, the hub. You are literally perfectly rooted in the spin. It’s magic and physics all at once and our bodies are perfect vessels for this kind of revolution.

This is one perfect example of a physical revolution that I tapped into when I was very young. But the idea of the power of a revolution has come back to me on so many levels and through countless iterations of my life story. I have crafted it into my personal mantra,  “Root down! Rise up! To the revolutions! All definitions apply.”

That phrase centers me as that spin in childhood did and empowers me to embrace revolutions, call them forth even and to rally those around me to call forth and embrace their own. In centering, in rooting into a revolution, we eliminate the fear and draw upon the power, the pure energy of the core, the axle, the hub. It ensures us that we can face anything that seems out of control as long a we root into the center and extend above. We are the revolution.

And so my current revolution is in the realm of unearthing my mystical core, my center, from which the societal milieu of embodied life in this epoch encouraged disengagement. But in reconnecting to my soul, I have entered into an expansion that is calling me to rise up and pay homage to ALL the revolutions that we encounter along our journeys.

The image with this writing was created by me at Art and Soul Nashville, an expressive arts studio in Nashville, TN on November 18, 2021 with the energy of a full lunar eclipse moon in scorpio on the horizon a few short hours away. I was meditating on memory and had just done a movement practice that brought me back to my most cherished moments of embodied divinity on the ice of my childhood. And I painted a freshly zambonied smooth ice rink and the edges I made as I released to my soul’s dance upon the frozen water with those spins included. May the journey you are on offer you gifts of revolutions that center you in the now so you can remember to love all the selves you have been and will be infinitum.

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