Pour Forth…

a contemplation by sonia fernández leblanc

pour forth

the magic that is

held within the vessel

of your soul.

vessels are for pouring,

for emptying…

then filling again, fresh.

if a vessel can not fulfill

its natural meditation of

filling up and pouring out,

that which is inside

becomes stagnant, stale.

emptying… refilling from Source…

over… and over again…

is the Revolution.

the cyclic nature of humanity.

I am a vessel of purest life giving water.

I must spill out… replenish… spill out again… on and on…

I am source.

the cycle of replenishment is within Me.

within all humanity.

be still.

bathe in Source, cleanse,

as any well used,

beloved vessel,

mine is veined

in gold and silver

where the cracks

have mended.

the broken bits

and cracked pieces

not forgotten but

healed through the

Revolution of magic

pouring forth.


Published by Sonia LeBlanc

Documenting my loves and our adventures.

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