Lots of people are fighting a life or death battle… Sometimes it looks like a stereotypical courageous act that we historically appreciate. But most of the time, people are courageous for walking into a war zone right here at home to be themselves or love who they love or even choosing to live when their subconscious is telling them they aren’t worthy. So be gentle and practice grace even when you may not understand or agree. And when you see others condemning and casting judgement, especially when it’s in the name of values that you also represent and hold dear, be a warrior for humanity and rise up to all things (policies, systems, churches, and individuals) that corrupt human dignity. And if you are in the midst of these battles, remember that you are a Revolution and we need your fire here on earth. Do not extinguish it. Burn like the Star-Stuff that you are.

To the Revolutions. All definitions apply.

Published by Sonia LeBlanc

Documenting my loves and our adventures.

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