You can be a country that was under a dictatorship from the 1930s until the late 1970s and then come out of that, and in 2020 when you have seen the devastation of a global pandemic ravaging humanity, you can make decisions in your country about how to protect your citizens and have that put in place so that nothing like this ever happens again. I’m talking about Spain in April of 2020 creating a plan to offer a base universal salary for every citizen starting this year and continuing on forever. That is my family’s homeland. My grandparents are from the Canary Islands and fled those islands because Franco’s regime would have never honored its citizens in this way back then. A civil war was waged against this kind of humanity. Those, like my grandfather, my Papa Rufino, who believed in taking care of the people over government and church were executed en masse in the late 1930s. And now Spain is a different place in a different time and leading a movement of systemic care that we are not seeing in any capacity in the United States on any systemic level… And because of their citizenship laws, I just need to live there for a year to reinstate citizenship based on my grandparents who had to flee during the darkness of 20th century Europe. Such light shining now. I’m not lying that a move back to the Canaries is not out of the question for my family in the coming years. But for now, I will appreciate the light from afar.

That’s the spirit that every country should be channeling right now but instead you’ve got ignorance and bigotry and, as my 9 year old said when I was talking about this earlier, bullshit. Yep! My 9 year old said that the response by the world governments to this pandemic is “bullshit” because she knows. And she’s the future, y’all, that will come up and be the leaders in a few years. And she knows. Community collective is what is coming and these kids coming up are not going to put up with this ignorance or be a part of a world where this is the norm.

And by the norm I mean the way that countries are handling covid-19… the way governments are handling this especially the United States. I am not talking about the people on the ground, the grassroots efforts. That’s beautiful. You staying home is beautiful. You helping your neighbors so they can stay home is beautiful. You doing what you need to do for your family and friends who are at risk of this killing them is beautiful. More of that as “system”. More of that beauty as “system”. And less of what we’ve got now in the systems. Less of that. Burn that shit to the ground. 

Now, I fully acknowledge that Spain, my homeland, the paternal part of my ancestry, is responsible for the desecration and extermination of billions of indigenous people over the history of its existence. I know that sits in the heart of everything we are built on in the United States. I hold the blood and DNA of the Spanish executioners and the Indigenous Guanche people of the Canaries in tandem. And what needs to happen is it all needs to be burned to the ground and we need to start over again. But I look at the collective energy that Spain is offering or that Spain has made the decision to provide for its citizens as a tiny, the tiniest evolution; systemic evolution. And I am not asking for the country to get a pat on the back but i am saying that it’s time for everybody to completely burn down what they thought and what they believed and what they were entrenched in and begin to review the way that we view things. And then begin slowly and incrementally to move toward a collective community lens that lifts everyone up. And that is not any system that is in our nation, that is not any institution in our nation. Nor is it any system or institution globally. 

So… If you know me and you know my ferocity, you will know that I have been preaching revolutionary flames for nearly 2 decades. I’ve been calling forth a global cycle of burning, cleansing, and a rising from the ashes anew, Phoenix style, for a lot of that time especially since my own personal Phoenix cycle saved me. And this little virus that is invading everybody’s systems, invading everybody’s systems, invading everybody’s systems, all of the systems here inside us but also everywhere within which we are ensnared is a tap, a nudge, a check in. This is the beginning of the unraveling. And get right with the liberation. Because it’s coming and it’s overwhelming and the best thing that will happen to you.  

Now is the time to think through what stage of grief you are in because we are all in different stages of grief. Even those of us that have been waiting for something major like this are still adjusting. Now my adjustment may not be as tumultuous and wave making as your adjustment. But I’ve been doing a lot of work on finding the balance in that wave for many many years. I have posted here below a graphic on the stages of grief for your review. Because what are you doing? What are you doing with your time right now? In this never before moment where you are being required to be home and slow down. So take a couple of minutes and sit with that. When you wake up tomorrow and you have the little bit of extra time because you don’t have your day filled to the brim with all the things that you used to have it filled to the brim with so that you would not have to think about how broken and how dysfunctional everything in every part of your life has been because we are living out of sync with, like everything, everything that we are made of. Take some time with it. Drink a cup of coffee and look over this graphic or reflect on it with a glass of bourbon tonight… Where are you in this shift? How far have you come and into and out of what are you moving?

If you are not drinking alcohol in this time, grab a big glass of water. Water is a healing elixir to nourish that body that is riding these waves of grief. We are all made of water. And you know, if you watched Frozen 2, water has memory. I mean that is not the only place where that information is available. Olaf is probably getting that message to a larger audience than the scientists who have been doing research with water, memory, and the water cycle and how literally the water we are taking in right now is the same water that our ancestors drank because water doesn’t ever leave our planet. it just keeps recycling itself over and over again. And we are made of that. We hold all of that. We hold the memories. We hold everything. And deep down, we already knew that without Olaf, scientists, our doctor, trainer, or holistic healer reminding us to stay hydrated after any intense mental, physical, or spiritual session. We know it.

We hold the memory of what humanity was before it was corrupted into the capitalistic, bullshit, jumping through hoops society that we are today. We also hold all of the gross stuff too. But it is a balance. We have to just find the balance. The shadow is just as important as the light. We have to go through the shadow. We’re in a shadow time. This is a fucked up time and honestly it has been for decades, centuries, millenia. But specifically right now in this paradigm where we can see ourselves mirrored in every human on earth morning noon and night through technology. It offers us to SEE.  Because the shadow shines a light really clearly. The light becomes really clear when you are in shadowy times. And so now we are going to figure out where we are in our grieving process. Move through the grief. And then be ready for a new paradigm. And work toward it and fight for it. Woah. Look, I’m so indoctrinated into the vocabulary of the old systems that I said work and fight… Rather than “work”, I want you to spend time with the shift, acknowledge it, take it in, and let the change become who you are. And instead of “fighting”, heal yourself so that you are in a space where you will not accept anything less than “systems of care.” 

And then let’s go. Let’s GO! Let’s create, co-create, in a new energy, in a new collective energy… It’s not new. It is in a collective energy that we all remember and will not allow ourselves to forget again. In that Spirit then we can co-create and be the generations that offer that energy, drop into that energy, and hold the door open for our descendants now and for many generations as we all move into that co-creation of collective systems of energetic care.

Pour Forth…

a contemplation by sonia fernández leblanc

pour forth

the magic that is

held within the vessel

of your soul.

vessels are for pouring,

for emptying…

then filling again, fresh.

if a vessel can not fulfill

its natural meditation of

filling up and pouring out,

that which is inside

becomes stagnant, stale.

emptying… refilling from Source…

over… and over again…

is the Revolution.

the cyclic nature of humanity.

I am a vessel of purest life giving water.

I must spill out… replenish… spill out again… on and on…

I am source.

the cycle of replenishment is within Me.

within all humanity.

be still.

bathe in Source, cleanse,

as any well used,

beloved vessel,

mine is veined

in gold and silver

where the cracks

have mended.

the broken bits

and cracked pieces

not forgotten but

healed through the

Revolution of magic

pouring forth.



October is a time to connect with ancestral bridges that offer a chance to drop into deep understanding of ourselves and the fear we carry, to untangle the frustrations that fear brings up every day.

A tremendous part of my daily inner work on self and outer work as a staff member, spokesperson, and parent in a paradigm shifting transformational learning community, resides in fear.

And I have been connecting with fear every time I feel him and sense him in others. Each time, I intentionally drop in and meet him face to face. And here are some things I have observed about this energy we know as fear…

Fear dwells deep at our core, within our DNA, because we needed him to survive and evolve into the species of humans we are today. We carry the traumas of our ancestors in our DNA, which wrap themselves around him, that primordial fear, and envelope him in warmth and safety. Fear has a really dark and comforting tiny cave deep within each of us with an unfettered supply of ancestral trauma to fuel his cozy abode.

When fear comes out to play though, he uses the brain to tag us, which can get confusing, because we humans are indoctrinated into the tale that our “advanced brains” give us righteous power over all creatures great and small… But y’all, that’s fear down in his cave at your core screaming through a bullhorn into your brain that you are “it”.

Some of our universal ancestors listened to fear, but they knew how to filter him through their gut, their senses, their intuition, and that allowed them to survive and evolve for generations. Some of those ancestors stopped listening through the filter to their intuition and decided to listen directly to fear’s bullhorn echoing around in their brains, which bred the need for power over rather than a collective powerful understanding of all. And that’s when fear reclused itself even deeper into our core and began feeding off the power it had manifested in the brains of humans.

And here is where my personal work picks up. I have been dropping in to pay fear a visit daily for a while and this is what I know.

That tricked out tiny cave where fear lives has guards posted at the entrance. Fear rarely leaves his comfortable home because we don’t need to give flight that much anymore… But its fighting game is strong. In some humans, fear has anger and hatred on guard. That’s when shit gets scary, right?! Fear loves that!! Fear loves our world right now! Fear owns this society we live in. Every single aspect of it.

So to face one’s own fear, guarded by anger and hatred, we must be brave and listen to our fear through the filter of our soul. This is not something happening widely nowadays but it’s having its moments in some circles…

Tapping into our soul, connecting to her, the deepest and longest existing part of ourselves, is the key to meeting fear in its darkest interior, guarded first by anger and hate.

Lindsay Mack, of Wild Soul Healing, gives the brilliant analogy of radio stations. Radio 1 is the brain and it’s turned up really loud while Radio 2 is the soul which can’t be turned up as it’s exactly as it should be heard. So we must turn Radio 1 down so that we can listen to the intuitive whispers of that radio of the soul that can tap into the other instincts that are more subtle and just as needed as fear. And they tell fear to settle down. They offer him respite, which he really wants. And in that offering, he backs off and tells his guards to take a break… But he’s always ready to scream into that bullhorn. So it is a practice that we must maintain, a development of habit to listen to the soul more deeply and hear fear less.

But sometimes fear lives out in the open with worry as his roommate/guardian of sorts. It’s a tricky codependent relationship where they both claim that love is the reason for their incessant need to override the brain’s volume control drowning out the soul and its deep knowing.

It’s fascinating once you see truly how fear is always at the core. You see how it got us this far in our survival and how it also could be our downfall. It deserves to be acknowledged and then it needs to be told to have a seat…

There is a healthy relationship fear can have though; when fear is balanced with respect, responsibility and personal freedom, there is a certain magic that we encounter within ourselves. It harkens back to that primordial combination that evolved us. We remember it when we really listen to our soul and allow our brain to recall for us the information we need to know about all that is… The combination of Respect, Responsibility, and Personal Freedom honors life and existence, taking it seriously: The earth, life on earth, earth’s evolution, the cosmos, the promise of humanity as a collaborator, a member of community.

The balance of respect, responsibility, and personal freedom that rests in the soul allows us to respect fear when we need it to survive, free ourselves from its incessant grip, and hold it accountable when it tries to overthrow the balance.

And then we can listen to our soul, deeply for it will speak the truth. The soul will never lead us astray and in listening we heal our traumas in this life and within the DNA we hold of our ancestors.

Cheers to this labyrinthine journey!


P.S. Below is the poem I wrote that inspired this essay reflection… enjoy.


Dear Fear…

We are not best friends.

You are welcome

to keep me alive

In times of peril

Of which there are

few nowadays.

You can have my attention

In car garages

And in parking lots

at night when I’m

leaving Target loaded

down with nonsense.

You are welcome

when I am making

sustainable shopping choices

recycling, composting,

and doing my part

to caretake the earth

as we burn us up.

But I am turning

away from you

when I am not at risk.

Survival is no longer

a priority.

Not like you want it to be.

We no longer get chased

By saber-toothed tigers.

I’ve turned you

down as a friend,

Dear Fear.

Me and my soul

are BBFs now.

I LISTEN to her more

And hear you less.



#rootdown #riseup #totherevolutions #alldefinitionsapply

Written at Rockvale Writers’ Colony 9/21/2019

Flames through the Broken

On September 16, 2013, I broke by all mainstream standards. Two years ago, around the 4 year anniversary of the break,  I wrote a beautiful message to myself about how I was beginning to heal myself from the broken and I compared my broken to how I felt the world was in the Fall of 2017.  Here’s what I said:

There’s a Japanese art form and philosophy known as Kintsukuroi (Kint-su-ku-roy) , which is a technique where broken pottery is mended with gold, silver, or platinum dusted lacquer so that the broken piece is literally “repaired with gold”.  It’s a philosophy that holds that the journey of an object’s breakage and repair is an important visual of the object’s history that deserves to shine through rather than be disguised. The broken is the beauty. Isn’t that awesome?

There is a ton of broken in ourselves and in our world. I am hyper aware of and equally sensitive to all that is in utter disrepair on every possible level.  But I serve no one but the darkness when I allow my own disrepair to remain. So in my repair, I dusted all kinds of gold all over myself and the tiny pieces that turned to dust when I broke apart just changed my repaired shape a bit. 

All this broken in our world and within each one of us can be illuminated in the repairing. There is much mending to do in ourselves, in our society, our country, and our world and it can’t be forgotten, disguised or ignored because it’s hard or hurts too much. Rather we can fill in the broken spaces between us with gold, silver, and platinum and let that broken shine through as a tribute to our incredible bravery for continuing on.  

Now that I have traveled 6 revolutions around the sun since my break and 2 revolutions since I wrote about the practices of self-healing akin to Kintsukuroi, I have come to understand more deeply that what happened to me was really just an opportunity to burn away underbrush that needed clearing so that new growth could proliferate. Looking back on the sacred space that was created for my family, the healing I had no choice but to focus on, and the community building I have made a priority in the years since that break, I am so damn grateful for that beautiful me of 2013, who in failing her own perception of success, was so tired and overwhelmed; who was filled with love and heartbreak;  who was pining to just be with her babies in a society that was not built for her.

She/I burned those perceptions to the ground by simply walking away from the material world to which we were so devoted yet so exhausted trying to upkeep. For years after, she/I fought the guilt and shame that came with the desire for perfectionism all the time. And then she/I rooted into our healing, spent our days loving our loves, disentangled our brain from anger, shame, fear, forgave us over and over again, lacquering that cracked bowl, repaired in dusted gold, silver, and platinum, with a a shine and gleam that speaks of deep, thoughtful care. 

I took my meds daily and didn’t stop once they worked, as I had done in the past. I opened myself to community, my most long-standing sacred form of connection building. And I re-centered my life for the revolutionary change I had felt was coming deep in my knowing long before the break that, like the phoenix rising, burned away and revived the eternal fire of my soul.

And so I am writing of the unraveling, the un-intentional burning of my life to the ground, to say that the fire I set to my soul 6 years ago this week, offered an opportunity to create a life where I am empowered to re-define success as a daily practice in listening, manifesting joy, and deep self-understanding.

And so I root down and rise up to another day, year, occasion for growth… Another Revolution. All definitions apply.


There is a story that is told about me when I was very young. It goes like this: When I was three years old I went to an iceskating birthday party for a friend who was a year older than me. It was my first time on the ice. I was fearless. I was off the wall within a couple of laps around the rink. I was trying tricks in the center of the ice that my friend who had been taking lessons for a while was just getting comfortable with doing after lots of practice. All of this was relayed to my mama by my friend’s mama at the end of party. So my parents signed me up for iceskating and it was the first great love of my life.

I liked learning edges, jumps, lunges, and spirals! But going fast was my favorite. And going fast into spins was the best of all. I skated for 9 years until a tragic accident in my family caused us to move to my father’s birth place, the Dominican Republic, where there was hardly any ice even to make your drink cold much less to skate on.

In my older years, I can no longer do those fancy moves but I love the mediation of circling the rink and finding my flow. And now that I have integrated tarot into my storytelling and writing process, in studying the Wheel of Fortune, I was offered a connection to those spins I used to perform with such relentless dedication.

When you learn to spin, you gain momentum with speed, find a point in which to focus for each revolution, and then you center into your core. The tighter into your core you center the faster you go and the more control your center has. Stretch your hands high above your head and your body’s energy literally roots you deeply in place. After a spin, I would check to see how tightly the circle was that my blades made into the ice. THe tighter and deeper the better the spin, the more powerful the energy is channeled.

Anything outside that core can be chaos but you are the axle, the hub. You are literally perfectly rooted in the spin. It’s magic and physics all at once and our bodies are perfect vessels for this kind of revolution.

This is one perfect example of a physical revolution that I tapped into when I was very young. But the idea of the power of a revolution has come back to me on so many levels and through countless iterations of my life story. I have crafted it into my personal mantra,  “Rise up! To the revolutions! All definitions apply.”

That phrase centers me as that spin in childhood did and empowers me to embrace revolutions, call them forth even and to rally those around me to call forth and embrace their own. In centering, in rooting into a revolution, we eliminate the fear and draw upon the power, the pure energy of the core, the axle, the hub. It ensures us that we can face anything that seems out of control as long a we root into the center and extend above. We are the revolution.

And so my current revolution is in the realm of unearthing my mystical core, my center, from which the societal milieu of embodied life in this epoch encouraged disengagement. But in reconnecting to my soul, I have entered into an expansion that is calling me to rise up and pay homage to ALL the revolutions that we encounter along our journeys.

I was recently compelled to create a Revolutions offering for anyone who wants to tap into the energy of revolutionary self empowerment at your core. It is my first tarot offering and is a combination of my own visionary knowing, my increasing connection to ancestral understanding, and the internalization of the teachings and offerings from the following brilliant, wise, mystical souls with whom I have had the great gift of learning from during my spiritual labyrinthine journey.

Adrienne Maree Brown  

Courtney Graham

Lindsay Mack’s Soul Tarot  

The intersectional movement of the now archived Little Red Tarot Blog 2011-2018,

Teri Uktena and the Akashic Realm

Karen Renee Robb of Frame Drum Wisdom

You can contact me at totherevolutions@gmail.com to book a reading which includes a photo of the spread, the prompts, and the cards in which you pulled for deeper analysis and connection after the reading is complete.

Cheers! Sonia


From the Labyrinth…

I just finished The Labyrinth of the Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and it is a masterful culmination of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series which I have been reading since the first novel, Shadow of the Wind, was translated to English in 2004. 15 years with this series.

I discovered the last book, The Labyrinth of the Spirits, had been translated and released in the fall of 2018 because, in my year of listening, I have been devouring all things labyrinthine and I stumbled upon it in a search for Jorge Luis Borges’ Labyrinths and The Library of Babel… I tabled Borges when I saw that the Cemetery quartet was complete. I have been head over heals in it the last week or so.

There are so many gorgeous excerpts but what gnaws at my soul as I read the story set in my grandparent’s country in their lifetime was how exactly current and present the themes are on the grand political scale today, as well as the resilience of the people who must live, love, and resist as best they can in “small times.” Feels present to me so much that it is chilling but never surprising.

We are the resilient in our current small times. Those of us that know this know that the stains of hate will never leave us and that the stories of connecting our ancestors’ times to ours is medicine that will sustain us. All the while, we grow the muscles we must develop to thrive amid the rein of the modern era of “great men <and women> in small times.”

My beloved authors, Zafón, Allende, Marquez, and the fallen Diaz, whose fuku and shield of machismo swallowed him up at the same time, have been guides in my own journey as a storyteller. But more so as a woman, whose family story feels full of magic and ripe for the telling and realizing that it’s also my story. It’s a part of my own magic to share what I know because it’s important for our current circumstances.

The quote by Zafón’s character Isabella just reaffirms that we must understand the nuances of stories past as they reflect us today and are a map for us as we move forward.

#riseup #totherevolutions #alldefinitionsapply

The Power of Seven Years

The power of seven years… Do you know about seven year cycles? There is a ton of research out there on how, over seven years, we change completely on every level; physiologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As I swim, Pensieve style, through and spill forth onto the page my own six cycles of seven personal histories and stories (That’s right! I’m in my 42nd year as I write this.😉), I am especially reflective on the one I am completing. I call it “The Rise of Mother” and it has been especially transformative. As I prepare to begin my 7th of 7 later this year, my ”mother into sage” cycle, I am taking the new year to reflect back on the themes upon which I focused my past seven years. I never liked resolutions but rather “Year of”…. Here’s are the past seven culminating in my 2019 theme. I find setting it down in print and speaking it out into the universe sets its course. So thank you to those who take the time to read. I hope it can offer possibilities for your own reflection and intention setting.

Let’s begin…

2011: The Year of Celebrations. Elena chose us to be her parents. And I began to know the signs of our society’s destruction deeply in how it could affect this life I had helped usher into the broken.

2012: The Year of Transitioning or deciding to Rise from the Flames or Go down in them… This blog post captures my beginnings of movement thought and work: https://missypieandmrsir.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/will-2012-rise-from-the-flames-or-continue-to-go-down-into-them/

We also moved to Baltimore this year.

2013: The Year of Frugality and Fern completed our family. This was the year the flames engulfed me into the movement work of my life. Here is a little reflection on the broken: https://soelfetole.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/the-broken/

2014: The Year of Consequences, Mourning, Last ditch efforts for living inside the box, and being apart from my love.

2015: The Year of Liberation, Community, and Self Directed Learning

2016: The Year of doing my damnedest to build a school and Elena’s mantra, “It’s pretty scary, let’s do it.”

2017: The Year of Survival… of Rising Up… Of Revolutions… Of All Definitions Applying…

My personal mission statement was, “Guided by my intuition, I will create opportunities for learning and self-expression that connect me to all the beauty that life offers.”

2018: The Year of Deep Connections Only. Here’s what I said on Jan. 2, 2018, “The latter part of this year my soul has been speaking to me deeply and I have been actually paying attention to myself for the first time in my memory. Retreat. Withdrawal. Quiet. Reflection. Deepen connection only. So I am listening. This will be my year to withdraw into only that which feeds my soul. I’m going to be selfish for the first time in my life. Truly take care of me. Feed my creativity. Feed my needs. Only engage in what will sooth my soul. I’m going to say no a lot. I’m going to seek deep human interactions rather than surface. I want to talk about what is moving each of us. I am going deep inside as I’ve ignored for too long and I’m going to heal myself. I’m ready. It’s finally time. And the creative being that will emerge is going to be a reckoning. Watch my rise. Watch my revolution.” 2018 was more than I could have ever imagined when I wrote what I did above. It was every bit of that and more.

2019: The Year of Listening. Taking Time. Manifesting as I’m compelled and guided within.


I’ve been thinking…

Humanity wins in the Thai cave rescue. When community, government, and private sector come together to reunite these children with their families all I can think about is the wonderful news coverage and spirit surrounding this rescue. How the world rallied for these boys! And I wonder why so many fellow Americans are reading about this rescue and praising God for these boys’ safety and at the same time condemning children on the border to be swept away from their families in a government inflicted flood of separation.

Tommy got me thinking about this last night. He said that he’s glad these boys are being rescued but the news is exploding with this alone and has moved on from the children being held away from their families in border prisons right here at home… The media has moved on to the next headline…

Those “detention centers” aka prisons are just as, and I would wager much much more, isolating as spending 18 days on the ledge of a flooded cave. Except those boys in Thailand had each other, knew each other, and had a coach who they knew and was reassuring and keeping their spirits up, as coaches are want to do. The soccer team was together.

These children in the detention center are in a dark cave of our government’s making and they are on that same ledge with all the other children ripped away from their parents. And the flood waters are rising and a ton of people are outside the cave protesting that they are there. But their parents aren’t in the crowd nor are they being nurtured or reassured that their children will ever get back to them. Instead they are in another cave system. And the government, our US government has sealed the caves off. No rescue coming. And arresting the few who are crowded around the entrances to the cave to fight for those trapped inside. No records that can easily connect the children sealed off in one cave to the parents sealed off in the other cave. And the government and a huge swath of the population chanting that these human lives deserve this fate simply for crossing a border in retreat of a broken homeland, in which previous US government intervention can almost assuredly be traced in part to their nation’s systemic problems to some extent.

And the cave is flooding. And unless the community, government, and private sector come together to save them they will be lost. And that isn’t happening. At this point even if they are saved, the damage is done. The isolation of the cave and their reason for being put there has changed them all


But the Thai boys got out and are being cared for and get to go back to their lives and families who were just waiting for them to come home. The children on the border were fleeing home and then were ripped away from the only home they had, their families. But they are not being rescued. And if they ever are rescued, the damage and trauma of being shut up deep in the detention center cave system far from the love of their families is going to manifest in them and in you, United States of America. Their suffering will come back for you and it won’t be a daring, beautiful, dangerous, deeply considered Thai cave rescue. It will be a blight on your history of blight upon blight. And those precious, beautiful, captured, resilient, tortured child souls of the flooded and sealed border detention caves and their stories and their energy for change to their situation, to where they rest and call home, and desire to be reunited with those they love, that will tear further the already threadbare fabric of this nation, furthering it’s overdue unraveling.

#riseup #totherevolutions #alldefinitionsapply #totheunraveling