In Response to Someone I Love

A dear friend of our family posted on Facebook yesterday something to the effect that she and her husband worked hard and sacrificed much in their lives for their children to be educated in a private school, attend college and ensure that their needs were met. And every bit of that is true. She raisedContinue reading “In Response to Someone I Love”

Words Deep In…

Published in Broadside_Print Issue 5 August 2017 #NarrativeFeminism Dear words that are deep in, We have spent so much time together just us feeling the stories we created or witnessed or imagined. I know that we argue over sharing the stories through the written word when it’s so easy to TELL the story and theContinue reading “Words Deep In…”

Remembering Augusts Past…

It's August. I've been writing a lot about my childhood of late and I want to share a remembrance that is pure August for me. This is a story of crepe myrtles and my Grandpa, Bernard. Summer is always synonymous with my Grandpa, my mama's daddy, to whom I was very close all 21 yearsContinue reading “Remembering Augusts Past…”


Lots of people are fighting a life or death battle… Sometimes it looks like a stereotypical courageous act that we historically appreciate. But most of the time, people are courageous for walking into a war zone right here at home to be themselves or love who they love or even choosing to live when theirContinue reading “Battle…”

Why Revolutions?

Why Revolutions? Because I am One. So are You. We are Revolutions. Every single moment that We Live… Love… Hate… Fear… Hope… Despair… Console… Fail… Rise… We are Revolutions. As Individuals… As Celestial Bodies… As Souls… As Families… Communities… Nations…  As an Inhabitant of a Planet… As a Spec of the Universe… Revolutions. Me. You.Continue reading “Why Revolutions?”