From the Labyrinth…

I just finished The Labyrinth of the Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and it is a masterful culmination of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series which I have been reading since the first novel, Shadow of the Wind, was translated to English in 2004. 15 years with this series. I discovered the last book, TheContinue reading “From the Labyrinth…”

The Power of Seven Years

The power of seven years… Do you know about seven year cycles? There is a ton of research out there on how, over seven years, we change completely on every level; physiologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As I swim, Pensieve style, through and spill forth onto the page my own six cycles of seven personalContinue reading “The Power of Seven Years”

Local inclusivity

I was going to hit up the women’s march and activist conference today here in Nashville but the conference sold out… I wish they had allowed for more space so that everyone who wanted to attend could have attended. Maybe next year they can host the conference in a space big enough for all theContinue reading “Local inclusivity”

Caribbean Aid

Want to help out the islands after these monstrous hurricanes have destroyed so much? Here’s what I’ve got for now… Dominica – government sponsored – private citizens sponsored Virgin islands – Richard Branson (I know… 🙄But he has the connections) is working in aiding a rebuild plan of sustainability. Read more here:Continue reading “Caribbean Aid”

Foreshadowings to Fruition…

Today, we await word from my husband, Tommy’s, granny and auntie as well as many other friends and family, the morning after Maria, a category 5 Hurricane, literally destroyed the approximate 7×35 mile wide island of Dominica. And now we brace for Maria’s return to the ruins of Irma, this time with potential to strikeContinue reading “Foreshadowings to Fruition…”